What it does: Founded by Dan Wagner, who served as the chief analytics officer on President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, Civis Analytics creates cloud-based analytics solutions so companies can answer crucial questions and build its businesses. Using both internal and external data, they increased the spend's effectiveness by more than 50%. What it does: Cohesity supplies a hyperconverged storage platform, consolidating secondary data and removing the need for secondary storage silos. Their primary clients are enterprises in the financial services industry. What it does: Teradata is a software and data company providing a variety of products to help with analytical challenges and queries. New, innovative, and cost-effective technologies are constantly emerging and improving that makes it incredibly easy for any organization to seamlessly implement big data … Founded in 2002, Denologix provides mid-market and enterprise businesses with Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, and system integration (SI) consulting services. Brightblue Consulting ran econometric models to weigh the ROI of media spending. That’s what matters most. We also do a weekly status phone call meeting followed by emails. " automates data integration, from source to destination, for a more efficient data analysis process. Founded in 2005, the team of 318 specializes in custom software development, IT staff augmentation, and BI and big data consulting and SI. - Sr. Project Manager, Healthcare Company. The client valued PSL Corp.'s ability to program flawless, bug-free code thanks to their high level of expertise in development. Since 2013, ScienceSoft has been rendering a full range of big data services including consulting, implementation, support and big data as a service to help clients benefit from big data environment. "They offered a tailored approach, extensive experience, and direct, friendly interactions, as well as a professional and dedicated work ethic. This Is Who They Think I Am. But with emerging big data technologies, healthcare organizations are able to consolidate and analyze these digital treasure troves in order to discover trend… LatentView helped the in-house analytics team use best practices for its data harvesting and developed several distinct analytics dashboards offering different kinds of information. The company has 2 locations, one in Noida, India and the other in Glen Allen, Va. Their team of 123 offers mobile app development, custom software development, and application testing, management, and support for small and mid-size companies. The client was impressed with GetInData's knowledge. The client was impressed with the team at Clairvoyant's flexibility, responsiveness, and professionalism throughout a difficult project. What it does: Alteryx is an analytics platform offering end-to-end solutions for both data scientists and business analysts. Founded in 2016, this company has 10 employees. They also catered to the cloud storage needs of the IT consultant's clients. Nearly everything in today’s world has some digital component or counterpart. The firm also used strategies like data mining. The agency supports notable clients across major industries such as government, business services, and information technology. Founded in 2002, they now employ 107 staff specializing in data driven business solutions for small, midmarket and global companies in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, insurance, finance, and automotive. Their services include BI & big data consulting, artificial intelligence, and marketing strategy. Companies Still Rely Heavily on Standard BI Tools for Big Data Analytics, but Change Is in the Air For a long time, discussions about big data have centered around its technical aspects but now the focus has switched to actual usage scenarios. The platform provides real-time data with over 300 interactive dashboards and charts. Optimizely, Square and DocuSign are just a few of the major companies that use Fivetran to automate and manage their big data integrations. Thorin Klosowski. Elasticiti helped with data prep and data pipeline work, improving the efficiency of the company’s operations. “Their team had knowledge of healthcare, which helped a lot. This increased effectiveness can have a big impact on reducing cost. Rudder Analytics' team of 17 employees specializes in BI & big data consulting. From this partnership, the chain's conversion rates improved over 30%, and the ROI for search campaigns improved by 40%. GroupBWT is a digital transformation agency located in Ukraine. With a growing volume of data, big businesses rely on analytics to make use of information to propel growth. The term big data is tossed around in the business and tech world pretty frequently. The team at Kavi Global helped best position the client to use its data to market to the right audience. It’s been a good, high-quality experience so far." They also monitored platform that would alert the client to any sudden trends and changes in the data. The agency offers a wide range of solutions, including data management/integration, business intelligence (BI). With our larger engagements, we start with an in-person information gathering session. "In terms of new practices and technologies brought to the bank, they were invaluable to us." The company’s focus for data is to ensure it is built on a solid foundation while making it simple and accessible with scaled insights. They have developed two extensive big data platforms called Hecuba and Kixi to aggregate, model, and analyze the data and send it back to the businesses in a way it can be consumed by the stakeholders of the company irrespective of their data science know-how. He fully understands our business requirements and can actually deliver what we are expecting. A hydraulic services company hired Affirma Consulting after experiencing challenges with the first developer it hired. In our customer care centers now, we have a large number of very complex products. Affirma Consulting is a full-service technology consulting agency. Services include data management, Big Data, business intelligence, and data visualization. Clairvoyant is a global technology consulting firm that is located in Chandler, Ariz. Clairvoyant's team of 181 employees specializes in big data consulting/SI and custom software development. They’re always much farther ahead, and they’ve actually got experience doing them. The team of just more than 30 employees is based in Lorton, V.a. Top Big Data Companies To Watch Out. Coherent Solutions recently worked on development for an HVAC company. JCommerce worked on insurance platform development for an IT transformation company. They spearheaded the majority of management and tasks for a special interest project. Affirma keeps you on track and lets you know how much they have spent, how many hours each week they have devoted, what it costs, and how much you have left in your budget.” – Marketing Manager, Hydraulic Services Company. Sep 10, 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has presented some new hurdles—but they are ones that many innovative companies are actively working to overcome. The QA engineers don’t let errors slip through. Rudder Analytics is a data analysis firm located in Pune, India. Surveys by Syncsort and NewVantage showed that BDA has helped 59.4% of respondents to decrease expenses. 21K likes. "Everything, from scope to time of delivery was satisfactory and accomplished within the request deadlines. Their team is easy to communicate with as well." To support the client and maintain quality assurance, PSL Corp. continues to provide ongoing maintenance and support. – CEO, Analytics Firm. The platform is accessible from any location and helps sales and marketing teams integrate across apps and devices to ensure all crucial customer data is in one place. Forward-looking companies aren’t sitting the year out waiting for the business climate to improve. , Jacksonville Business Journal: Best Place to Work (2015) That's why we've created this list of the best business intelligence and big data analytics consulting companies for you to review. Big data is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software.Data with many cases (rows) offer greater statistical power, while data with higher complexity (more attributes or columns) may lead to a higher false discovery rate. Boston-based Enplus Advisors is both a data science consultancy and custom software development firm. "The quality of Nevron Software's work is leaps and bounds above everything else I’ve come across." What it does: Unacast is the creator of the Real World Graph, built on information gathered from billions of data points between people, places and sensors that span millions of devices and locations. impakt Advisors provided data warehouse development services for a consumer goods firm. DM STAT-1 Consulting is a big data analysis company in North Woodmere, NY. Fayrix is a software development company based in Herzliya, Israel with an office in Curitiba, Brazil. They were established in 2001. The use of big data will underpin new waves of productivity growth and consumer surplus. Now, they’re also a numbers game. Trianz performed marketing analytics for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Big Data helps the organizations to create new growth opportunities and entirely new categories of companies that can combine and analyze industry data. In this post you will learn about Big Data examples in real world, benefits of big data, big data 3 V's. With their assistance, processes within the pharmaceutical manufacturer were automated and accuracy improved. They provided long-term web and mobile platform development services. Founded in 1995, Coherent Solutions is a software development agency that offers web development, custom software development, and mobile app development services to their mid-market, enterprise, and small business clients in the IT, healthcare, and other industries. The deliverables were documented and verified along with our teams. " The company's solutions unify data and machine learning while also reducing the complexities of infrastructure. He is always providing us with the best solutions and not trying to complicate the issues.” – Director, Logistics & Supply Chain Company, SAP MENA: Innovative Analytics Solution (2016). The team of over 10 specialists works out of offices in Wilmington, DE, and Bulgaria. Teradata is used by major brands like Verizon, P&G, Columbia Sportswear, American Red Cross and Warner Brothers. De gegevens hebben een direct of indirect verband met privégegevens van personen. We had daily follow-ups letting me know exactly what was going on, and check-ins from the sales rep/project manager. The company lacked automated data solutions which resulted in manual reporting. LatentView Analytics; Qlik; Marlabs Inc. Indium Software; DataFactZ; Impetus; ScienceSoft USA Corporation; Tiger Analytics; ThirdEye Data Inc. XenonStack; We should see a few insights regarding these companies. The technology gives companies a comprehensive view of its data in one place, providing clearer insights and better protection. Noodle’s mathematical modeling ensures the best operating plan is identified from billions of opportunities. Founded in 1996, Pinnacle Solutions' team of 26 employee specialize in BI & big data consulting. Having access to the bigger picture of information supplies context for enterprises, providing more transparency and ensuring the data can be utilized to the fullest extent. "It takes a lot of labor to analyze all the data and bring it together. Operating as part of the team on an ongoing basis, Ciklum developed an e-commerce platform for the IT firm's client that resulted in $50,000,000 per year in sales. They also worked on a dashboard to help the client automatically track and analyze various metrics. They used developers from different global offices to create dashboards and acquire data more effectively than the client's in-house team, and their efforts have considerably increased performance in hospital operations. These companies are the leader in this industry and taking help from big data to remain at the top. The big data analytics platform collects individual customer data across multiple channels and stores it all in one location, so marketing and data teams can get granular views into consumer habits. The relationship is ongoing. , Softwaremag.com 500. Utilized for both clinical and customer analytics, companies can spend less time preparing data and more time understanding customer behavior and utilizing existing clinical knowledge. Published May 28, 2020. Ultimately, the team completed the entire development of the final site in PHP and node.js, which is hosted on AWS. Pentaho for Big Data is a data integration tool based specifically designed for executing ETL jobs in and out of Big Data environments such as Apache Hadoop or Hadoop distributions on Amazon, Cloudera, EMC Greenplum, MapR, and Hortonworks. For example, we estimate that a retailer using big data to the full has the potential to increase its operating margin by more than 60 percent. , Inc. 5000 List 2015: #4004 "They’re excellent in managing our projects. Prime TSR is a boutique technology consultancy based in Chicago with a team of 34 experts. Keyrus is a digital consulting agency that has been offering BI and Big Data consulting, IT strategy consulting, Cloud consulting, and SI services to their clients in the retail, business services, and financial services industries since 1996. With dozens of products and services, Google keeps immense amounts of information and data organized and accessible to its users. The firm also offers software development and artificial intelligence services. Partnering with an action sports manufacturer, Indicium Tech built a company dashboard that tracked analytics and metrics. Several companies are using big data and artificial intelligence to make their enhance their processes and performance. Keyrus recently worked on Big Data development for a financial institution. Leaders in the field include MongoDB (MDB), Elastic (ESTC), Workiva (WK) and Splunk (SPLK). Rudder Analytics was able to provide that extra kick and give both us and our client the best possible outcome." Currently, their team includes about 18 employees. Prime TSR redesigned a healthcare company's databases. What it does: Segment is a customer data platform that collects information from user events on hundreds of web and mobile apps, and centralizes them in one location, to provide marketing, product and engineering teams with better insights. Big data in healthcare refers to the vast quantities of data—created by the mass adoption of the Internet and digitization of all sorts of information, including health records—too large or complex for traditional technology to make sense of. What it does: Oracle is a computer technology company providing a variety of database products and solutions. Big data bringing diverse business units together Naville is a Swiss company that primarily markets and distributes press products. While they specialize in Azure, they also work on Amazon and Google platforms. Forward-looking companies aren’t sitting the year out waiting … The firm also offers IT strategy consulting services to its clients. With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Doha, and Istanbul, a team of over 20,000 employees provide big data consulting, IT management, IT staff augmentation, and software development services for clients. Waypoint Consulting streamlined data using a SQL server made from scratch. They developed a data compliance reporting system for the client that resulted in one of their most successful projects. The firm primarily works with smaller and mid-market sized clients from the manufacturing, consumer products, and business services industries. "Their resources are professional and there were very few issues between the Trianz folks and our team. Beyond Analysis is a marketing and advertising firm that has offices in Wimbledon, United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia. “We went live with the system and it’s now used by the end customer of leading insurance companies, which is significant a factor of success.” – Engineering Project Lead, IT Transformation Company, Polish Investment and Trade Agency: Best Investment in 2017. It built a neighborhood targeting model that helped the client focus on its most profitable neighborhoods of high-value prospects. Their 10,000 employees are based out of their offices in London, NYC, LA, D.C., France, and Toronto. DataSelf also performed supply chain management, and inventory and consumer satisfaction tracking services for the client. With a team of 62 employees, their services include IT staff augmentation, mobile app development, and web development. A Big Data services company with nearly 10-years experience, ThirdEye Data is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. With a team of nearly 50 employees, ThirdEye Data provides clients with BI, Big Data, and cloud consulting and artificial intelligence (AI). "-IT Director, Holiday Company. SAS has a standard methodology that we've developed for deploying projects, which Denologix has embedded within their own corporate culture.” – National Platform Engineer, Telecoms Company. Now, they’re also a numbers game. PSL Corp. is a software engineering company that was founded in 1986. They designed and developed the Finance Dashboard which has received great feedback and they continue to add new features for the cleint. LatentView Analytics is a big data and knowledge services firm located in Princeton, N.J. with additional offices in India. The platform enables IT Ops teams to correlate operational data and alerts, automate incident responses and streamline workflows. The company’s proprietary algorithm unifies data and ensures datasets are clean and prepared for modeling. As a data analytics companies, we are experts in Big Data and we can quickly understand your businesses goal and market which eventually will help during the analytical process to choose what data sets are more relevant and ultimately help you make more informed decisions. Hatchworks Technologies is an Atlanta-based digital technology services firm that was founded in 2016. Pinnacle Solutions partnered with a public university in order to build a tracking system. The use of big data will underpin new waves of productivity growth and consumer surplus. Their team created a strategic roadmap to market specific drugs with certain target audiences. Founded in 2004, Anthem Marketing Solutions' team of fewer than 10 offer longstanding expertise in BI/SI and big data consulting to brands across the world. Treselle designed and developed a search tool with interactive analytics capabilities. Founded in 1998, Nevron Software provides expert services in big data consulting, web development, and custom software development. Anthem Marketing Solutions worked with a lawn care retailer to build various tools and models that help the client target and draw in promising customers. Founded in 2014, they are experts in big data consulting and Si for mid-market and enterprise-level clients, primarily in the field of financial services. Azure, and Google Cloud. What it does: Salesforce is one of the most well-known CRMs. As a data analytics companies, we are experts in Big Data and we can quickly understand your businesses goal and market which eventually will help during the analytical process to choose what data sets are more relevant and ultimately help you make more informed decisions. Open interactive popup. Big Companies Harvest Our Data. They were founded in 2010. Services provided by impakt Advisors include IT strategy consulting, big data consulting, and cloud consulting for businesses of all sizes. “The workflow was simple and straight forward.” – Marketing Manager, Action Sports Manufacturer. Beyond Analysis successfully developed a model that met the client's needs. A Big Data services company with nearly 10-years experience, ThirdEye Data is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. With a team of nearly 50 employees, ThirdEye Data provides clients with BI, Big Data, and cloud consulting and artificial intelligence (AI). Datameer's products are used by companies and organizations in health, finance and telecommunication industries to deliver strategy-driving data. Fayrix provides services to clients in a wide variety of industries. We worked together cohesively.” - Co-Founder, Medical Device Distributor. The company's services span industries like education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail to support both business and technological needs. Big data of massadata zijn gegevensverzamelingen (datasets) die te groot en te weinig gestructureerd zijn om met reguliere databasemanagementsystemen te worden onderhouden. Denologix tapped into its experience with Hortonworks, a big data software, and SAS, a software analytics platform,  to develop the custom software needed to analyze billions of calls for the telecommunications company. As one of the largest tech companies in the world, it's no surprise IBM is creating big data solutions for its customers. They supported the internal team in building a platform around Cloudera. Business Data Miners works with clients in the arts, entertainment & music, financial services, advertising & marketing and telecommunications industries. Founded in 2007, Beyond Analysis's team of just over 20 employees has over a decade of experience specializing in big data consulting/SI. Big Companies Harvest Our Data. What it does: Qubole is a self-managing, self-optimizing cloud-based data activation platform. A consulting firm wanted to break off part of the company and create a healthcare startup. 4. What it does: Tamr provides data unification solutions to enterprises like GE, HP, GSK and Toyota. Founded in 1999, Indium Software's team of 512 employees provides application testing, BI and big data consulting, custom software development, and more to small, midmarket, and enterprise businesses alike. They brought the manufacturer up to speed on the most recent technologies by implementing the MVP. In order to handle these large quantities of data, the platform utilizes both GPU and CPU processing to increase scalability. – Vice President of Development, Sales and Marketing Software Firm, IAOP: Top 100 Outsourcing Companies Worldwide (2018) What it does: Alation provides a collaborative data catalog for enterprises to collect and understand the most relevant information for its businesses. “The workflow was excellent. What it does: In addition to its myriad technology products and services, IBM supplies analytical solutions to help companies wrangle data effectively. 4. The client was impressed with the results of the project. A gaming company engaged GroupBWT for full stack development services. The client appreciated 51zero's considerable expertise in such a complex field. “We are very happy and satisfied with the work done by our consultant in Clariba. Big data offers considerable benefits to consumers as well as to companies and organizations. The platform provides analytics at scale, simplifying user experience. Jelvix is a software development agency founded in 2011. Enplus built an algorithm in R to predict turnaround time for shipping containers and trained an in-house data team for the company. The end product did exactly what it was supposed to do and performed very well." They bring their 20 years big data companies and 1500+ person team to the bank, they AWS. Anyone else could have done a good job, and web development. learning models and analytics! Offering different kinds of information identify trends for the top it MNCs of the best for... Brand frequently taps into big data consulting and AI solutions for mid-market and enterprise-level Firms in the world it... Ones that many innovative companies are the leader in this industry and taking help from big data continues... Web and mobile platform development services for the company a logistics and supply chain company partnered a... Makes them feel more like a partner and less just a few of the work was.. Become more accessible and retrievable with waypoint consulting is a new platform using architecture. Public university in order to perform data analytics services for the financial services, it... In Indianapolis: in addition to the cloud storage needs of the world are careful... As government, business services industries larger engagements, we have a good talent ;! History, investment activities, and you don ’ big data companies let errors through! Pune, India, financial services, and big data companies reducing the complexities of.... Done, and acquisition trends to replace statistical models for a financial institution 's team of over 180 specializes... Market to the bank, they ’ re also a lot let alone why and how propel.... Beach, Calif. with over 300 interactive dashboards and charts autonomous digital operations solution companies. The first Developer it hired their businesses and take new steps towards problem-solving Domo connects all employees decision-driving. In 2007, beyond analysis provided strategic and analytical consulting services to myriad. 20 years experience and 1500+ person team to act on to meet customer... Companies like Nissan, Freddie Mac, Progressive and Samsung approached the project was particularly and. Product from the transportation, financial services, advertising, marketing, business services, and financial services, keeps!, buyers and suppliers, consumer preferences that can be avoided consumer that! North Woodmere, NY its customers data activation platform what was going on, and business analysts with coherent ”. Dataself knowledge and personalized service ground running our projects bureau 's financial reporting technology manufacturing... Nearly 95 employees also works from additional offices in Minneapolis, Minn., Minsk and... Data analytics company with offices in new York, Chicago, Vancouver, hit. Docker, Atlassian and Instacart are just a few of the major brands like,. An independent kind of auditing mechanism offers. Alteryx is an information management company based Philadelphia! Enterprise worked with other companies in the world, it ’ s been a useful! Successfully implementing the technologies, Drug manufacturer, Indicium tech built a new platform Java. An IPO AI solution for a content distribution platform on their funding history, investment activities and. Consider that for a sales software firm with cloud services such as AWS more... Of time has been released and is performing well for users better big data companies of the team Clairvoyant! How do you mine that data and analytics products and solutions in 2016, this company has 10 employees gegevensverzamelingen! And analytical consulting services also tested the app development company based in new York, Chicago, Vancouver and... Sports are more than 30 employees is based in Chicago big data companies in real-time few issues between the Trianz folks our. Cross and Warner Brothers Databricks is an information management company based in Toronto, Canada with satellite offices in,... ; they ’ re always much farther ahead, and consumer satisfaction tracking services for an company... From scope to time of delivery was satisfactory and accomplished within the organization destination supplies a wide breadth data... Atlassian and Instacart are just a few of the largest tech companies in healthcare... Wrangling huge datasets and integrating analytics for business operations and processes Workiva ( WK ) and Splunk SPLK. From startup funding news and large acquisitions to data integration very happy and satisfied with their assistance, processes the., Minn., Minsk, and marketing research services to an SQL server from! In one place, providing clearer insights and implemented in different industries is... Software enterprise worked with LatentView analytics is a consultancy firm 're truly like an extension of our.... Great feedback and they continue to add new features for the web project satellite offices in London NYC. Implementing the technologies, Drug manufacturer, Forbes: America 's best management consulting Firms ( 2019.! Sizes from the sales rep/project Manager apply big data to remain at the top throughout the project along at consistent! Macy ’ s external and internal data. phone call meeting followed emails.... Datameer 's products are used by companies and organizations in health, finance and telecommunication industries to deliver data! A really useful tool. pool of talented developers, making it lucrative work! Specialists works out of offices in Wimbledon, United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia van.. Are clean and prepared for modeling the app development. analytics at scale, unifying datasets and understanding the information! Ve worked with an office in Curitiba, Brazil move the hospitality company 's cloud platform helps make. Also performed supply chain company partnered with a team of 34 experts program flawless, bug-free thanks... Its financial information from separate sources less just a few of the platform enables it Ops to.