Price 7,000円. 1 Player; g Game; Battery backup; Added by jake Commercial (2 CD) published by WAVE MASTER INC. on Oct 29, 2008 containing original soundtrack from Sorcerian with compositions by Bo, JIMITA, Nihon Falcom Title Shining force II megadrive Genre rpg Version Japanese Condition Secondhand Item Appearance Like used condition. English title: Sorcerian: Japanese title: ソーサリアン: Composer(s): Hiroshi Kubota (久保田浩) Tokuhiko Uwabo (上保徳彦) Yuzo Koshiro (古代祐三) Mieko Ishikawa (石川三恵子) System: Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (セガメガドライブ) The main menu and the town were mostly complete, but any dialogue boxes in the quests are unfinished. Here is a full English translation of Dragon Slayer 5 - Sorcerian for the MSX, released to the public by Delta Soft. ROM / ISO Information: Dragon Slayer 5 - Sorcerian (1987)(Falcom)(jp)(Disk 1 of … This is Sega Megadrive Sorcerian. used to play this game on PC-8801/9800 series but Megadrive Sega Genesis one has excellent quality compare to PC8800/9800 version Game Sorcerian Addams Family, The: USA, Europe : Brazil : 1FA29BBB: Works-Advanced Military Commander: Japan: English : 785B8F9A: Works: Translation Patch: After Burner II: USA, Europe Some marks. It was a fairly significant cult hit in Japan, spawning a number of expansions and countless arranged soundtracks as well as versions for the Mega Drive, … New scenario cards from "Visitors from Outer Space " to "Selected Sorcerian 5" that didn't exist at the time were created for this set. The Mega Drive version of Sorcerian only saw release in Japan. Sorcerian Mega Drive Version Original Sound Track ソーサリアン メガドライブバージョン オリジナルサウンドトラック Sorcerian Mega Drive Version Original Sound Track Search: The version I played was partially translated by the fine folks over at Released 24/02/1990. NEC PC-88, NEC PC-Engine, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Related Albums All Sounds of Sorcerian / ソーサリアン全曲集 / All Sounds of Sorcerian H30X-20006 Catalog# G-4504 Capacity 4M. Instruction included. Sorcerian (Mega Drive/Genesis) ----- This is the version you are playing now (as you got this walkthrough, I hope it is true). Sega. Mega Drive Sorcerian. More than 170 pages of manuals and printed materials that got reprinted! This game was released by Sierra in 1989, and it looks like the Genesis version of Sorcerian, but it features worse graphics and less missions. Box included. Other Remarks All … Sorcerian is technically (sort of) part V of the Dragon Slayer series, which also includes Legacy of the Wizard.